About The Champagne Concept

The Champagne Concept was founded in October 2015 by Gemma and Laurence Page-Connolly, real Champagne fanatics who wanted to share with the UK the wonderful world of boutique Champagne.

Regular visitors to the Champagne region, Gemma and Laurence have discovered a large variety of boutique Champagnes that up until now have not been readily available in the UK.

Laurence and Gemma believe the best way to learn about boutique Champagne is to taste it!  On the 23rd October, the doors of The Champagne Concept opened in Harrogate, a unique Champagne tasting bar and bottle shop that offers informal Champagne tastings all day, everyday.

The Champagne Concept is truly unique, with Laurence and Gemma’s small team of Champagne specialists on hand to create a relaxed but informative tasting environment.

All of the Champagnes at the Champagne concept have been carefully chosen and sourced directly from boutique producers:

“The world of Champagne is very similar to that of Whiskey, the big houses are masters of blending, they buy their grapes from multiple sources, blend them together and constantly create quality Champagnes, the boutique houses are more like single malts, the variety of flavours are much greater as each Champagne producer has a specific story to tell about their grapes, their land, their style.  We think exploring Champagnes from the boutique houses is far more fun!

Laurence  Page Connolly on Boutique Champagne Houses

If you are a fizz lover, The Champagne Concept is the place for you!